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Test Tubes

Market Access Solutions

You’ve invested in bringing the latest in diagnostic and genetic testing to market. At every turn payors demand an ever increasing amount of evidence and data in support of coverage.

Being in-network is no longer a precursor to the success of your products. Our experienced staff of policy development experts can assist in positioning your products and lab in a favorable position.

Gaining insight on how a product, test, or healthcare-related service is perceived by the payor community is critical in formulating an effective and sustainable market access and commercialization strategy.


GenoSan goes far beyond traditional administrative and logistical-only support of professional advisory boards and leverages years of experience with value-added services.


Understanding how the payor community will adopt, position, and reimburse innovative products is critical for a successful launch of new technologies and portfolio expansion.
GenoSan understands both the diagnostic space and payor environments and bridges the gap to create value-added advisory boards.


To learn more about how GenoSan's payor advisory boards can benefit your company click here!

Billing resources

Identification of partnership opportunities with specialists in prior authorization, billing, denied claims appeals, etc.

Resource and tool development

We can assist in developing resources such as payor presentations and field-based collateral materials.

CPT coding applications

GenoSan can assist in applying for AMA Category I CPT codes, Proprietary Laboratory Analysis (PLA) codes, etc. and subsequent CMS pricing process, in addition to MolDX/DEX "Z" codes.

Payor strategy development

GenoSan assists in formulating market access and reimbursement strategies, medical policy development, American Medical Association (AMA) CPT code submissions, product pricing, the identification of key stakeholders and professional societies, the impact of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) on your organization, navigating the Laboratory Benefit Management (LBM) landscape and messaging for each.

Training of market access teams

Our contracting and policy experts can assist with training your team to effectively engage the payor community. From MolDX to BCBS Evidence Street and professional societies to government agencies, understanding how to navigate the changing environment is critical to your success.

Review of medical policies impacting your tests

GenoSan performs an in-depth market analysis and review of medical policies and CPT/ICD codes impacting your products. We identify contracting and policy discrepancies and assist in issue resolution.

Web-Based Market Access Portals For Platform, IVD, or RUO companies

GenoSan can develop robust web-based market access resources tailored to your company's needs. Click here to learn more!

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