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Payor Advisory Boards

Business Meeting

Gaining insight on how a product, test, or healthcare-related service is perceived by the payor community is critical in formulating an effective and sustainable market access and commercialization strategy.

  • Payor Board Benefits:

    • Uncover potential barriers to coverage, coding, and reimbursement for lab developed tests (LDTs), in-vitro Diagnostic tests (IVD), and pharmaceutical companion diagnostic tests (CDx)

    • Pressure-test commercialization assumptions and strategies

    • Gain insight to payor medical policy development processes and perspectives

    • Determine realistic timelines (e.g., health technology assessment submissions; coverage, and contracting)

    • Identify gaps in clinical and economic evidence

    • Assess the impact of 3rd party stakeholders such as lab benefit managers (utilization management), professional medical societies and government mandates

Why Choose GenoSan?

GenoSan goes beyond traditional administrative and logistical-only support of professional advisory boards and leverages years of experience with value-added services:

  • Presentation development assistance with a comprehensive review from former Payor Medical Directors

  • Value proposition and messaging support

  • Translate and convey payor nuances and medical policy processes and perspectives

  • Assist in the development and distribution of pre-read materials and survey, post meeting survey, and meeting transcript in written and / or video / audio form

  • Additional follow-up access to the payor board members via electronic and/or telephonic communication

  • Advisory board best practice document to assist in preparation and access to our staff to assist in crafting a dynamic meeting engagement

  • Disperse honorarium payments to payor advisory board members, and ensure appropriate non-disclosure agreements, IRS forms (1099), etc. are in place

Understanding how the payor community will position and reimburse a lab test is critical for a successful product launch and expansion. GenoSan understands both the lab and payor environments and bridges the gap to create value-added advisory boards.

Contact GenoSan to book your virtual or in-person ad board at or (435) 962-0358.

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