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Sustainable market access and reimbursement solutions for lab developed tests (LDTs) and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products

Corporate Overview

GenoSan, Inc. is a leading market access and reimbursement consulting company,

specializing in the genomic and diagnostic testing market.  We are comprised of an

experienced team of clinical specialists, healthcare executives, fully accredited genetic

counselors, Registered Medical Coders (RMC), Health Economic Outcomes Research
(HEOR) professionals, Special Investigative Unit (SIU) authorities, and business analytic experts.


Genomic/diagnostic testing represents one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare and insurance company (payor) reimbursement. There are currently tens of thousands of unique genetic tests on the market with several new tests per day being developed and marketed. Many are panel tests consisting of 20-50 or more genetic variants.


GenoSan brings clarity to a chaotic coverage, coding, and reimbursement environment by coupling your organization with our proficient healthcare professionals in the laboratory testing market. Our proprietary process offers innovative solutions to foster a collaborative environment between all stakeholders.

Ensuring access to the latest advances in healthcare technology in a

responsible and sustainable manner is

in our DNA.


Our Approach

GenoSan approaches the specialty genetic and diagnostic testing market collaboratively by orchestrating workable solutions between payors, providers, and labs.

Our experienced team works to provide access to innovative products while ensuring adherence to medical policy and compliant billing practices. From responsible medical policy development and utilization management to claims data monitoring and analysis.

GenoSan understands the current coverage, coding and reimbursement

environment and can assist in bridging the gap between your lab and the payor community. Our process can assist your organization in formulating effective and sustainable market access and commercialization strategies.



Commercial success hinges on sustainable 3rd party payor reimbursement. The investment community demands a clear revenue path with an emphasis on medical policy coverage, defined CPT coding, and robust clinical and economic utility evidence - GenoSan provides clarity and assistance in a rapidly changing and nuanced landscape.

Market Access and Reimbursement Solutions

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